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Item specifics
  • Brand Name: JIGU
  • Products Status: Stock
  • Type: Li-Ion
  • Compatible Brand: HP
  • Battery Capacity: 4001 - 5000 MAh
  • Battery Voltage: 10.8V/11.1V
  • Model Number: Pavilion dv2000 436281-361 441243-141 454931-001 HSTNN-C17C
  • Package: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Battery Cells: 6cells
  • Battery Weight: 425.25g
  • Battery Color: black
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Cell level: Grade A Cell
  • Certified: CE,FCC, RHOS
  • Condition: Brand New, works as Genuine Parts, 100% OEM Compatible
  • is_customized: Yes
Product Description



Battery Type:  Li-ion
Voltage : 11.1v      10.8v
Label show Capacity : 5200mAh
Fully capacity:4400mAh
Product Type : Replacement Battery (100% Brand New)


  Best Wishes To You and Have a Nice Day!

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 If there is any other item that you need, please feel free to contact us! We will try our best to help you!

2 year warranty, Buy with confidence!

 30 day money back guarantee, 100% Brand new.
Free shipping for all the items.
Items are generally shipped out the same business day after you have checked out. 
Manufactured By High-Capacity power products.



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Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device,

This Laptop Battery can replace the following part numbers:

  • FOR Compaq
    436281-241 452057-001 462337-001
  • FOR Hp
    411462-141 411462-261 411462-321
    411462-442 432306-001 436281-141
    436281-251 436281-361 436281-422
    440772-001 441243-141 441425-001
    441462-251 441611-001 446506-001
    446507-001 454931-001 455804-001
    460143-001 462853-001 HSTNN-C17C
  • FOR Hp Compaq
    411462-421 417066-001 EV088AA
    EX941AA HSTNN-LB31  

This Laptop Battery is also compatible with the following models:

  • FOR Compaq


Presario A900 Presario A900XX Presario A901XX
Presario A902XX Presario A903TU Presario A903XX
Presario A904TU Presario A905TU Presario A908TU
Presario A970TU Presario A971TU Presario A972TU
Presario A975EM Presario C700 Series Presario C700EM
Presario C700ET Presario C700LA Presario C700T
Presario C700XX Presario C701LA Presario C701TU
Presario C701XX Presario C702LA Presario C702TU
Presario C703LA Presario C703TU Presario C704TU
Presario C705LA Presario C705TU Presario C706TU
Presario C707LA Presario C707TU Presario C708LA
Presario C708TU Presario C709LA Presario C709TU
Presario C745EL Presario C750EF Presario C750EL
Presario C750EM Presario C755ES Presario C756ES
Presario C757EA Presario C757EM Presario F500 Series
Presario F502EA Presario F502EU Presario F504EM
Presario F504EU Presario F545EA Presario F545EU
Presario F560EA Presario F560EM Presario F572US
Presario F574AU Presario F575AU Presario F700 Series
Presario F700EF Presario F700EM Presario F706LA
Presario F710EE Presario F710EF Presario F710EL
Presario F712NR Presario F715EF Presario F715EM
Presario F715EO Presario F722CA Presario F725EL
Presario F729EM Presario F730US Presario F731AU
Presario F732AU Presario F732NR Presario F733AU
Presario F734AU Presario F735AU Presario F736AU
Presario F737AU Presario F739WM Presario V3000 Series
Presario V3000T Presario V3000Z Presario V3001AU
Presario V3018TU Presario V3018US Presario V3019AU
Presario V3019TU Presario V3019US Presario V3020AU
Presario V3020CA Presario V3020TU Presario V3020US
Presario V3021AU Presario V3021TU Presario V3022AU
Presario V3047TU Presario V3048TU Presario V3049TU
Presario V3050TU Presario V3051TU Presario V3052TU
Presario V3053TU Presario V3054TU Presario V3055TU
Presario V3056TU Presario V3057TU Presario V3058TU
Presario V3059TU Presario V3060TU Presario V3061TU
Presario V3062TU Presario V3063TU Presario V3064TU
Presario V3065TU Presario V3066TU Presario V3067TU
Presario V3069TU Presario V3070TU Presario V3071TU
Presario V3072TU Presario V3100 Series Presario V3101AU
Presario V3101TU Presario V3102AU Presario V3102TU
Presario V3116TU Presario V3117AU Presario V3117LA
Presario V3117TU Presario V3118AU Presario V3118TU
Presario V3119AU Presario V3119TU Presario V3120AU
Presario V3120TU Presario V3121AU Presario V3121TU
Presario V3122AU Presario V3122TU Presario V3123AU
Presario V3123TU Presario V3124AU Presario V3124TU
Presario V3125AU Presario V3125TU Presario V3126AU
Presario V3126TU Presario V3127AU Presario V3127TU
Presario V3128AU Presario V3128TU Presario V3129AU
Presario V3129TU Presario V3130AU Presario V3130TU
Presario V3131AU Presario V3131TU Presario V3132AU
Presario V3132TU Presario V3133AU Presario V3133TU
Presario V3134AU Presario V3134TU Presario V3135AU
Presario V3135TU Presario V3136AU Presario V3136TU
Presario V3137AU Presario V3137TU Presario V3138AU
Presario V3138TU Presario V3139AU Presario V3140AU
Presario V3140TU Presario V3141AU Presario V3141TU
Presario V3142AU Presario V3142TU Presario V3143AU
Presario V3143TU Presario V3144AU Presario V3144TU
Presario V3145AU Presario V3145TU Presario V3146AU
Presario V3146TU Presario V3147TU Presario V3148AU
Presario V3148TU Presario V3149AU Presario V3149TU
Presario V3150AU Presario V3150TU Presario V3151AU
Presario V3151TU Presario V3152AU Presario V3152TU
Presario V3182TU Presario V3183TU Presario V3184TU
Presario V3185TU Presario V3186TU Presario V3187TU
Presario V3188TU Presario V3189TU Presario V3190TU
Presario V3191TU Presario V3192TU Presario V3193TU
Presario V3194TU Presario V3195TU Presario V3196TU
Presario V3197TU Presario V3198TU Presario V3199TU
Presario V3500 Series Presario V3600 Series Presario V3601AU
Presario V3601TU Presario V3601TX Presario V3602AU
Presario V3602TU Presario V3602TX Presario V3603AU
Presario V3603TU Presario V3603TX Presario V3604AU
Presario V3604TU Presario V3604TX Presario V3605AU
Presario V3605TU Presario V3605TX Presario V3606AU
Presario V3644AU Presario V3644TU Presario V3645AU
Presario V3678TU Presario V3679TU Presario V3680TU
Presario V3906TX Presario V6000 Series Presario V6000AU
Presario V6000T Presario V6000TX Presario V6000Z
Presario V6001AU Presario V6001XX Presario V6002AU
Presario V6002XX Presario V6003AU Presario V6004AU
Presario V6012EA Presario V6014EA Presario V6016EA
Presario V6024EA Presario V6025EA Presario V6030US
Presario V6048CL Presario V6057EA Presario V6065EA
Presario V6066EA Presario V6100 Series Presario V6200 Series
Presario V6300 Series Presario V6400 Presario V6500 Series
Presario V6500z Presario V6600 Presario V6700
FOR Hp    
6000XX G6000 CTO G6000 Series
G6010EG G6030EA G6030EG
G6030EM G6031EA G6031EM
G6032EA G6032EM G6033EA
G6040EG G6050EG G6050EM
G6060EA G6060EG G6061EA
G6062EA G6062EM G6065EA
G6065EM G6090EA G6091EA
G6092EA G6092EG G6093EA
G6095EG G6096EG G6097EG
G7000 G7000 CTO G7001TU
G7002TU G7005EG G7010EA
G7010EB G7010EG G7010EM
G7015EA G7015EM G7025EG
G7030 CTO G7030EA G7030EV
G7030XX G7031TU G7032TU
G7035EA G7035EM G7040EA
G7040EG G7040EM G7045EA
G7065EA G7065EG G7065EM
G7090EM G7091EA G7091EM
G7091TU G7093EA G7093EM
G7094EM G7095EM G7096EA
Pavilion dv2000 Series Pavilion dv2000T Pavilion dv2000Z
Pavilion dv2001TU Pavilion dv2001TX Pavilion dv2001XX
Pavilion dv2002TU Pavilion dv2002TX Pavilion dv2002XX
Pavilion dv2003EA Pavilion dv2003TU Pavilion dv2003TX
Pavilion dv2004EA Pavilion dv2004TU Pavilion dv2004TX
Pavilion dv2004XX Pavilion dv2005EA Pavilion dv2005TU
Pavilion dv2005TX Pavilion dv2005XX Pavilion dv2006EA
Pavilion dv2006TU Pavilion dv2006TX Pavilion dv2006XX
Pavilion dv2007EA Pavilion dv2007TU Pavilion dv2007TX
Pavilion dv2097EA Pavilion dv2097EA Series Pavilion dv2098EA
Pavilion dv2099EA Pavilion dv2100 Series Pavilion dv2101au
Pavilion dv2101eu Pavilion dv2101tu Pavilion dv2101tx
Pavilion dv2101xx Pavilion dv2102au Pavilion dv2102eu
Pavilion dv2102tu Pavilion dv2102tx Pavilion dv2103au
Pavilion dv2103ea Pavilion dv2103tu Pavilion dv2103tx
Pavilion dv2104au Pavilion dv2104ea Pavilion dv2104eu
Pavilion dv2104tu Pavilion dv2104tx Pavilion dv2105ea
Pavilion dv2105tu Pavilion dv2105tx Pavilion dv2106ea
Pavilion dv2106eu Pavilion dv2106tu Pavilion dv2106tx
Pavilion dv2107tu Pavilion dv2107tx Pavilion dv2108ea
Pavilion dv2125tu Pavilion dv2125tx Pavilion dv2126ea
Pavilion dv2126tu Pavilion dv2126tx Pavilion dv2127tx
Pavilion dv2128tx Pavilion dv2129ea Pavilion dv2129tx
Pavilion dv2130br Pavilion dv2130ea Pavilion dv2130tx
Pavilion dv2130us Pavilion dv2131ea Pavilion dv2131tx
Pavilion dv2132ea Pavilion dv2132tx Pavilion dv2133ea
Pavilion dv2159tx Pavilion dv2160br Pavilion dv2160tx
Pavilion dv2197ea Pavilion dv2200 Series Pavilion dv2200ea
Pavilion dv2201au Pavilion dv2201ca Pavilion dv2201tu
Pavilion dv2201tx Pavilion dv2201xx Pavilion dv2202au
Pavilion dv2281ea Pavilion dv2282ea Pavilion dv2290ea
Pavilion dv2297ea Pavilion dv2298ea Pavilion dv2300 Series
Pavilion dv2301au Pavilion dv2301tu Pavilion dv2301tx
Pavilion dv2351ea Pavilion dv2352ea Pavilion dv2354ea
Pavilion dv2355ea Pavilion dv2363ea Pavilion dv2369ea
Pavilion dv2370ea Pavilion dv2375ea Pavilion dv2383ea
Pavilion dv2384ea Pavilion dv2385ea Pavilion dv2386ea
Pavilion dv2395ea Pavilion dv2396ea Pavilion dv2400 Series
Pavilion dv2401au Pavilion dv2401tu Pavilion dv2401tx
Pavilion dv2423la Pavilion dv2425la Pavilion dv2432ca
Pavilion dv2432nr Pavilion dv2440ez Pavilion dv2500 Series
Pavilion dv2500t Pavilion dv2500tw Pavilion dv2501tu
Pavilion dv2501tx Pavilion dv2501xx Pavilion dv2502tu
Pavilion dv2502tx Pavilion dv2503tu Pavilion dv2503tx
Pavilion dv2503xx Pavilion dv2504tu Pavilion dv2504tx
Pavilion dv2504xx Pavilion dv2505tu Pavilion dv2505tx
Pavilion dv2506tu Pavilion dv2506tx Pavilion dv2506xx
Pavilion dv2507tu Pavilion dv2507tx Pavilion dv2508tu
Pavilion dv2508tx Pavilion dv2509tu Pavilion dv2509tx
Pavilion dv2510eb Pavilion dv2510eo Pavilion dv2510tu
Pavilion dv2555ea Pavilion dv2555ez Pavilion dv2560ea
Pavilion dv2570el Pavilion dv2570es Pavilion dv2580eo
Pavilion dv2580et Pavilion dv2585ep Pavilion dv2590es
Pavilion dv2600 Series Pavilion dv2601au Pavilion dv2601tu
Pavilion dv2601tx Pavilion dv2601xx Pavilion dv2602au
Pavilion dv2670ee Pavilion dv2670en Pavilion dv2675eo
Pavilion dv2699eo Pavilion dv2699ep Pavilion dv2699es
Pavilion dv2700 Series Pavilion dv2700t Pavilion dv2701tu
Pavilion dv2770es Pavilion dv2799ef Pavilion dv2799eo
Pavilion dv2800t Artist Edition Pavilion dv6000 Series Pavilion dv6000T
Pavilion dv6000Z Pavilion dv6001EA Pavilion dv6001XX
Pavilion dv6002XX Pavilion dv6003EA Pavilion dv6003XX
Pavilion dv6087EA Pavilion dv6088EA Pavilion dv6095EA
Pavilion dv6097EA Pavilion dv6100 Series Pavilion dv6100EA
Pavilion dv6116EU Pavilion dv6116TX Pavilion dv6117EU
Pavilion dv6117TX Pavilion dv6118EA Pavilion dv6118EU
Pavilion dv6118TX Pavilion dv6119EA Pavilion dv6119EU
Pavilion dv6195EA Pavilion dv6195XX Pavilion dv6196EA
Pavilion dv6196XX Pavilion dv6197EA Pavilion dv6197XX
Pavilion dv6198XX Pavilion dv6199xx Pavilion dv6200 Series
Pavilion dv6203TX Pavilion dv6215TX Pavilion dv6216TX
Pavilion dv6300 Series Pavilion dv6400 Pavilion dv6500 Series
Pavilion dv6500/CT Pavilion dv6500t Pavilion dv6500z
Pavilion dv6560us Pavilion dv6570us Pavilion dv6573cl
Pavilion dv6580el Pavilion dv6600 Series Pavilion dv6700/CT
Pavilion dv6700t Pavilion dv6700z Pavilion dv6800
Pavilion dv6900 Pavilion dx6000 Pavilion dx6500
Pavilion dx6600 CTO Pavilion dx6650ca Pavilion dx6650us
Pavilion dx6653ca Pavilion dx6665ca Pavilion dx6667cl
Pavilion dx6697us Pavilion dx6699xx Presario dv6000T


 If you want faster shipping, please choose EMS or DHL as your transport means.It take about 5-7 working days.


Before placing the order, please make sure the model you purchase fit for your laptop or notebook. Each battery has its model name(or part number,P/N), you can find them on your original battery.


Warranty and Guarantee
We promise all the products sold in our store are brand new and free from defects in material and workmanship. There is 24 months warranty since the day purchased. We have a complete engineering facility for battery pack testing. All the items have been checked before sending out. 

If you are not satisfied when you receive your item, please return it within 14 days for a replacement or money back. Please contact me before you return it.

If item is defective in 3 months, We will send you a replacement without extra charger, or offer refund after we receive the defective item.

If item is defective after 3 months, you can still send it back to us. We will send you a new one after receiving the defective item. But you have to pay the extra shipping fee.



 We Ship to Worldwide, except APO/FPO.

Items are shipped from China using Airmail, reach most of the countries within 10 to 20 business days.

Delivery time depends on destination and other factors, it may takes up to 20 business days.


Delivery Time

Working Days (not including holiday)
Working Days + Saturday + Sunday
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5 .1%
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Canada Rate (item arrived) 0.0% 47.1% 31.4% 17.6% 3.9%


Rate (item arrived)

After the payment has been verified as valid, the items will be sent out within 1-2 working days.
We offered three options for the shipping. When you select the Singapore Post registered mail, it is free of charge and paid by the seller. It will take around 7-15 working days to ship to major countries like USA Western Europe,Australia etc. We also offered postal EMS and DHL express service which is paid by the buyer. EMS takes around 5-8 working days. DHL takes around 2-5 working days.
Note: Prices shown include fuel surcharges. Import duties, taxes and other customs related charges are not included. Buyers bear all responsibility for all extra charges incurred (if any).


Other Policies

We are not responsible for any custom duty or import tax.

 We will leave POSITIVE FEEDBACK after receiving the payment. Please contact us if you are not satisfied with the item after receive it.

All emails will be answered within 1 business day. If you do not receive our reply, please kindly re-sent your email and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Serious Buyer Only! Please place bid only if you agree with all the terms.


Packaging Details
                       Unit Type: piece
            Package Weight: 0.8kg (1.77lb.)
                 Package Size: 17cm x 11cm x 5cm (6.69in x 4.33in x 1.97in)
Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.8kg (1.76lb.)
  • Package Size: 17cm x 11cm x 5cm (6.69in x 4.33in x 1.97in)
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Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.8kg (1.76lb.)
  • Package Size: 17cm x 11cm x 5cm (6.69in x 4.33in x 1.97in)
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